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Who are we?

Cees Kieboom

Cees Kieboom: founder of Staircase to the attic, was born in Rotterdam, NL.
Cees studied piano at the Rotterdam Conservatorium, and was guided by Rob van der Linden and Rob van Kreeveld. He also followed guest workshops organized by Monty Alexander and Cedar Walton. During his study, Cees composed the music for several TV-documentaries directed by Will Wissink.

Cees was pianist and keyboardist of the Marc Kossmann Band and Cloudmachine.
He also wrote the strings- and choral arrangements for After Forever.
Cees has produced four solo-albums with his Uncle C. Residence project. Besides that, he occasionally participated with Highway Chile, Robert Winston and Spectalicious.


  1. Uncle C. Residence – Mark the keys, 1995 (Town Music Records)
  2. Uncle C. Residence – Don’t do this to me (CD-single), 1995 (Town Music Records)
  3. Robert Winston – Starchild,1998 (Avalon Records)
  4. Uncle C. Residence – Chapters of life, 1999 (In own management)
  5. After Forever – Decipher, 2001 (Transmission Records)
  6. I wish I drive - Ein Premierenkonzert für die Sinne, 2001 (BMW)
  7. Cloudmachine – Circus animals (CD-single), 2002 (Egone Records)
  8. After Forever – Exordium, 2003 (Transmission Records)
  9. Cloudmachine – Sweater for the cold world, 2003  (Coast to Coast)
  10. Cloudmachine – Some way (CD-single), 2003 (Coast to Coast)
  11. After Forever – Invisible circles, 2004 (Transmission Records)
  12. Cloudmachine – Liberation (CD-single), 2004 (Coast to Coast) 
  13. Spectalicious – Cook your woofers, 2005 (Challenge Records)
  14. Uncle C. Residence – Songs for M.J., 2004 (CK Music Design)
  15. Uncle C. Residence – About keys and trees, 2007 (CK Music Design)
  16. Staircase at the attic, 2012 (CK Music Design)

Julia von der Fuhr

Julia von der Fuhr, female lead singer of Staircase to the attic was born in Tilburg, NL and started singing just a few years later. Julia is the perfect example of a natural born singer who can explore her talents by herself, guided by vocal educator Masha Bijlsma. Julia loves the ukulele, in fact she has an impressive collection. Among her famous artists are Randy Newman and The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.


Victor, male lead singer of Staircase to the attic was born in Goirle, NL. Victor has his roots in The American Songbook, and loves singing ballads. He started singing in 1988, taking singing lessons at the local music school. There he was coached by Peter van Dorst, one of Herman Brood's guitar players. After this period Victor sang in several bands as a frontman. One of the bands was Back on Stage, playing many parties and weddings. In 2002 he decided to go solo, again singing American standards and songs of the big voices of the sixties. "Working with Cees Kieboom was all new to me. I had to be coached in this style that was unknown to me, but it was a very learning experience. Can't wait to do more CEES!-songs."